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Happy Birthday Jetski

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Have a great day!
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happy birthday!!
hope it's a good one cause you deserve it!!!
wahooooooooooooo jetski!!!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday Jetski!!
happy b day dude enjoy the day....
Thanks Everyone

I am Working now, but might make it somewhere
for a drink after work. I can't really get anywhere till about 1:00AM tonight. Any thing happening anywhere? The Hayloft thing CK was talking about sounded pretty cool, but I could make it there till it's just about over
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Happy Birthday Jetski!
I'll do a shot for ya tonight!!
Ha ha ha you get robbed at X-mas time.

Sorry man Happy B-day you sexy bitch!
Oh my -- happy birthday Steve!
Today is my brothers birthday too.
Now I know why we get along so well....

Not fun working on your birthday

Make sure you make up for it as soon as you get out of there. I would meet up with you but have to work in the morning.
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Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday buddy!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Steve, I hope it was a good one!!!
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Happy Birthday!!
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