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Happy Birthday Dave !!!

Hope you enjoy !!

Are we celebrating this weekend ???

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Happy Birthday Dave!!
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Happy Birthday and have a nice day...
Happy Birthday!!!
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Happy Birthday Dave!

Hope you have lots and lots of fun!
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happy b-day dave
Happy Birthday to you
, Happy Birthday to you
.. oh wait.... They've probably already got that covered at the nursing home today ...

Enjoy your day - Your birthday might be on a tuesday but that just means you can celebrate at Bar Louie tonight!
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Happy birthday and enjoy it
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Happy Birthday Dave!!!

Hope to catch up to ya on the lake soon

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Dave the Knave has a birthday. YeeeHaaa! Keep on rocking bud! I know you will be doing beer bongs and shots of whiskey later tonight. Do a bong for me and keep a cool tool.
Happy B Day!
Happy Birthday Dave! Have a huge piece of chocolate cake.

I hope to see you soon. Miss seeing your crew this summer.
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Happy Birthday!!! Have a great B-Day WEEK!!!
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Happy Birthday, Dave!!
Here's to many more!
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