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I would like to share

A Recipe that has been in my Family for Years

Hello LSCN Members;

Microwave Carp......Take one carp, approx. 2#. Skin that old fellow. Now this is a MUST. You lay it on a piece of cardboard. Cut all of the mud veins out of the sides. Season it good with salt and pepper and liberally sprinkle lemon juice over the carp. Leave on card-board and cover with a paper towel. Put into microwave for 4 to 6 minutes per pound. This is using a full size microwave. Check at the end of cooking time to be sure the meat is flakey.

Remove from microwave...take carp and throw it away and eat the cardboard.

Have a great day and go easy on the cardboard.

Here is a picture of my Navigater

We are heading into Port Bruce on Lake erie,


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