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We had "Lunch with Santa" at the North Star Sail Club today and decided to go out to the launch to see what we could see. There were a couple of duck boats that had just retrieved and one heading out of the cut to the north. The boats were camoflage painted but one looked like a tiki boat with a grass skirt about three feet high all the way around it. Just before lunch we also saw a 21 or 23 Wellcraft heading down the river to the lake.

Anyways, just off the docks there was a boat that looked like it may have been grounded. I didn't see any anchor chain out and it was not moving. I'm not sure if it's going to stay there for a while or be moved to work somewhere else, but this is what it looked like...


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QUOTE(super7 @ Dec 8 2003, 11:55 AM)Hows that go...DAMN POWERLOADERS...thisl' fixm'

repairing the docks from powerloaders.......
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