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Harrison Marine

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For those of you who don't know about Harrison Marine on South River Rd. I took a cruise through there stock of boats they have today.
WOW, what a deal on some boats!
It's strickly a silent auction dealer. Most the boats are reposessed. I stepped onto this 30 or so foot boat, and it was like you were at the scene of a crime, with booze bottles, lifejackets, ropes and stuff scattered all over the boat. But, man it was clean other than that.
Of course you have got to be really cautious on what you buy there, but I spoke with this guy who just bought a boat through them and he said that they let you know everything that they know about the boats. It sounds like in most cases the boats are sold way under blue book. Most of the boats need some TLC but, Wow.

Just thought I would pass that along. Check it out sometime.

If anybody has ever delt with them, share your story.
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This would have been nice to know two years ago, THANKS!!!!
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Well, like I said, a lot of the boats have damage or are a mess, but with a little TLC could possibly be a good deal. I don't know If they have warrenty's or not. But, hey man, looks like you have a great boat.
Thanks for the tip, Convincor! I saw some of their ads on the Web. We will definitely check it out. We want to replace our 22 ft. bowrider with a 25 or so foot cruiser. Need to get a great deal, though, to convince the hubby it's a wise investment!
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