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Harsens Island Cont'd

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Had a good discussion going on "general" that got buried!

Continue here!

I think it would definatly help business growth on the island! Like I said before, I think the bar's would possibly become better.

But, on the other hand, I would miss the ferry tradition up there!
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I am sure in would be good for business, But someone did say there would be a lot more of people parking cars and walking over to the party. I don't have a problem with it and long as they are not the ones that were out there last Summer starting fights.
I'm in the middle on this one. have you ever been to Grosse Ille by car? It's a gorgeous island, I don't think the bridges took anything away from that. They also have a Kroger's a couple gas stations. The little downtown area is very nice.

I do like the tranquility of Harsens and one day I want to live there. Maybe it's a good thing.....
Will they charge a fee?

Free pass to residents I think would be they way to go.
Very very very good point Capt'n Rob!

I never even thought of that. Yes I have driven Grosse Ile. Very nice. And it is exactly like Harsen's. There are the super nice mansions and there are the super dumpy shacks just the same. Well, I shouldnt' say super dumpy, but you have to admit there are a few homes on both islands that could use some TLC?!
That's the beauty of it, a poor man can live next to a rich man and nobody really cares. The joy is that they both love the lake.

On Grosse Ille the charge a buck? I think? Cheaper then $5 on the ferry. Not that I mind the ferry, but there is no competition for those guys.
Well, now remember you can go on the free bridge at the south end off the island.
I have been a cottage owner for a couple of years now and love it. The point made about alot of traffic coming over when they put in the bridge I disagree about. People are gonna come over by ferry or bridge your gonna have to pay either way I don't believe people are gonna say hey let's go over to Harsen's now that they built the bridge. I believe that the bridge is gonna be built by a private investor and you can bet he's not doing it to make it easier to get there. they want to make money. And if raises property values like they say then I'm all for it. Who knows maybe Browns will clean up and fix there docks!
QUOTE(270 laser @ Feb 15 2003, 10:12 AM)Who knows maybe Browns will clean up and fix there docks!
That would be great if they did. They would get more boaters!
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I tell you what! If I owned Brown's, it would be the hottest spot on the lake. There wouldn't be anybody on this board or on the lake that wouldn't know where it was. It doesn't take much money to fix up the docks a bit. If you ask me, When he has a dock out of commission? He's losing customers. I guess it would be different if a boater owned the bar instead of a buisness man. Because the man that owns Brown's now cannot be a boater. I would really be shocked if he was.

Has anybody ever seen the bar Shooter's 21 out at the Lake of the Ozarks? (pictured in Hot Boat & Powerboat mags quite a bit).
That is the type of bar I would like to see out there.

Tell me what you think!?
Convincor253 can you post a link to the shooters bar? I've never seen it.

I've looked all over the web for pictures of that bar. But, no luck. Trust me, it looks cool. I know it's in one of my Hot Boat magazines. If I find it I will e mail it to you.
Shooter's 21..... I have been there a number of times and it is a great bar, You guys might be in luck, If I can some how take a pic of a video tape I made while on my jetski down there. I will post the pic looking at it from the water, if I can.
Shooter's 21 puts on all the events at Lake of the Ozarks, but 2 other close bars that are also a great time are Salty Dog and Topsiders
Hey man, That would be great!
This is about the best pic I could come up with. It still doesn't show the full size of the Bar or docks.


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Rock & Roll......Jetski!!!!!

Rerun do you get my meaning now?
Channel 4 had a report of the ferry frozen in for the lst couple of days, is this a media ploy??????
No this is not a ploy I tried to go out on the Island on Sunday and it was not running and there was a lot of Ice. I called Champion ferry service they said that they had to wait till it jammed up and then they could cut a path. As far as I have heard it is still not running?
I have Chuck Brockman coming over at 7pm tonight, he said he may have to cancel if the ferry is still froze in. We'll see.

From a business perspective, it would take a about 2-4 million to make Browns a premier waterfront bar. A 3 million loan for 30 years would cost him $16,100 monthly which is $536.00 a day just on loan payment. Add operating cost your roughly talking 1K per-day minus the salaries. So how much booze and food do you need to sell to survive? Good question? Is the winter slump going to cover the expense?

It would be nice to see it done, if the bridge goes in, it would be something the owner should consider.

That's not all that much when you consider the cost of the mansions on the island..... Holy cow!!!!
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