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has this happened to you

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My port side engine is flooding during warm starts. It won't start unless I open up the throttle. I tuned it up this year and changed fuel filters for this years maintanence. It started to do this the end of last season. One guy said it may be ignition coil going bad? Has anyone had this symptom before? if so, how did you remedy the problem? Thanks
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Do you have a weird power package with an old Carter thermoquad? They were notorious for percolating when hot. That would require a carb rebuild.
Is the choke adjusted correctly? (Just asking, I don't know how familiar you are with engines.) If it's a Quadrabog check the choke pull off diaphram. Check the vacuum hose connected to it also.
I'm no expert, but if it has a carburetor, the choke is the first thing I'd look at too. Or perhaps float level.

Ignition coil doesn't seem like a good place to begin. If it were bad, WOT on hot restart probably wouldn't help, and would likely be causing other symptoms while under load.
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