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Have you given up your home line?

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Debating this necessity...

Feel like I would be abandoned and blowing in the wind without a home phone...

But, don't use it very often...

scary even writing this....
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If anyone really wants to talk and I got no signal they can leave voicemail. Really how important are most calls anyways. life or death? probably not.
A old friend of muine did this a few years ago and is totally content with it. My brother just built a new house and almost did not have a phone line installed.

I personally am not ready to dispence of a land line yet + my DSL comes through it now so I have to keep it.
Pauline, Mel and I just had this discussion. We just bought our first home and get it in 2 weeks. Cable internet access is available there so we decided that we had no need to get a home phone. Cell signal is good in the area so why throw away the $35 a month just to have a phone there.
I really want to dump the land line. I just got the bill for last month and it was close to $50. The problem I have with that is that there were maybe 13 local calls, 15 near zone, and one local long distance. With free long distance and weekend minutes on our cell phones, the most use we get out the the land line is answering telemarketers. I might just look into getting rid of long distance (and just use a calling card) and get the bare minimum on the local service. I'm afraid that if I have only a cell phone, I'll start getting telemarketing calls on it.
I got rid of my land line about 3 years ago and havent looked back since. Made no sense to have a home phone when im out and about all the time. Plus.... everyone used to try my cell first when they wanted to get ahold of me.
Pauline ~ dump your land line. You dont need it bc you're not home that much and have a cell and are more of an emailer person anyways. If you had kids and a sitter that needed a phone while you were out that'd be a diff. story, but I'd get rid of it and save yourself the $$ honey. never answer your home line anyways chicka!
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I've been considering loosing the land line as well. Average 49 bucks a month. Hardly use it. I only give out my cell number to peeps anyhow.
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i got rid of my land line 6-8 months ago !
awesome !
bill was alway $70, wich is now my cell phone bill, and
I haven't had a land line for about 2 years. There for awhile I was never home. When I was, the only people that called that number were telemarketers.
At my new house, I have comcast internet so there really isn't a reason to get a land line. The only reason I considered getting a land line was for a fax machine. Ended up going through efax and love it.
haven't had a land line at home for over a year BUT, funny thing you should post this cause we just called to get one today, just a basic, one line, no long distance, local calls only line, supposed to be $42 for hookup and $14 a month or so

i have DSL here at work but no internet at all at home, plus with the sattelite service you need a land line to get pay per view
I will do it next month. No more SBC ( ameritech)
Goose - Did you just say you have no internet at home? OMG - total shocker there.
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Yeah, I pretty much came to the conclusion there will be a cerimonial burial of my home phone...

Saturday I get cable, so will set up then...

BUT... what about 1800 numbers on cell phones and secruity when giving out your credit card numbers or placing phone orders...

damn, now I'm undecided again.
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Thought about it but we always get dropped call...Can you hear me now????

Also at the time there was now for them to tell where you were calling from when calling 911. Now cells have GPS.
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Don't have don't need landline
Haven't had a landline in 3 years. Why pay two bills and I get free long distance anywhere in the U.S. for free.
Havent had a home phone in over 5 years. I am never here anyway... pointless. thats my feeling
I got rid of my home phone back in the spring, was really unsure about giving it up but don't regret it at all.... you won't miss it, and you definitely won't miss the lack of telemarketer calls either!

worst case, if you change your mind.. you can always get it back again.
If I didn't have the girls I'd get rid of it in a heart beat.......waste of money...I never answer the darn thing half the time <_<

Save the $$$$ for something you really want or want to do.
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