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Not much going on here but it seems like you Ohio guys are starting to perk things up! Welcome!!
Thanks for the 'Welcome' Even Keel.
I see there's not much activity on the site. Doing some reading...seems there may have been some changes to the site awhile back that some members may not have been comfortable with.
I belong to (actually help moderate) Ohio Game Fishing site here in Ohio that went through what seems to have been some similar changes a few years back. Whether needed or not...people just don't like change. We lost some members during the 'changes' but for the most part...membership is going strong (last count 80,000plus members) and it is a very active site. Granted...all 80,000 plus members are not active all the time but there is surely more than enough activity on the site to keep 4 mods. plus an administrator busy 24/7. Just tryin to keep the scammers away is more than a full time job. Impossible to get em all but we do our best.
At anyrate...we all know a site is only as good as its members.
Hopefully this site will pick up as there is surely enough people that fish LSC that it warrants a nice dedicated site.
Again...thanks for the welcome...
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