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I'm in the market for a new sonar/gps...

I've looked at the new HD Lowrance units and know about the add on side by side imaging plug and play.

I'm tempted to go with Hummingbird because my Lowrance LCX19c blacked out on me for no reason. Lowrance's outsourced service department wont even work on them and just say they have no parts!!!

All that said, I'm only looking for unit choices that will primarily be used for largemouth and smallies.

I have been considering buying the LMS 332c or other used unit as I hear the HD's also have been riddled with problems. The basspro guy told me he sees lots of units coming back that have taken in/on water.

Hummingbird side by sides I'm told have giant cursor, and if you want to zoom all the way in to see a spot on spot type structure...say a tiny rock pile or stick up that you know is holding 1 fish etc. That you cant see your saved wpt as the cursor doesnt get small and covers the wpt.

Whats the most recent/best unit any of you have been using before the HD's? Do you know for a fact that Lowrance will still work on them?

Thanks for the help......
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