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In two weeks I'm going up the the The Lost Arrow Resort and Hunt Club in the Gladwin/West Branch area. The resort is on the Tittabawassee River and I've never fished that area. What can I expect fishingwise there ? Is it a long run to Huron ? I hear that Walleye fishing in the river is realy supposed to be good. I'll be taking my Skeeter 2055, 20ft, deep V, 250 Yamaha. Is that too big for that area ? Like I said. . .I've never been there. . .B.
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BOB thats a run you don't want to make. A float boat is better for that area but it has been years since i fished there. Good Luck. Bob
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Thank's. These guys are new clients and I want to go up and realy have a great time, so I can come back and talk about it so I'll get invited back! I've always heard the Tittabawassee was a great fishery, especially for walleye.
Say Bob, I'm picking up my boat from the dealer tomorrow. What say we plan an outing early next week and see what kind of trouble we can get into ? . . .B.
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Monday looks like a great fishing day Bob. In the 70s that is my kind of weather. Bob
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You might try Houghton Lake for walleye at that time. Depending on the exact location of the resort (it sounds familiar, but can't place it) Houghton Lake should be about 45 minutes from your camp. Lake Huron is a pretty good haul from there.

I have family in Sugar Springs which is between Gladwin and West Branch. In fact, one of the lakes in Sugar Springs, Lake Lancer, is open to the public. There is a township ramp on the 800+ acre Lake Lancer, which has walleye, as well. I think the ramp fee is $5.00 and can be purchased at local bait shops or at the Township building near the ramp. If you are interested in Lancer, e-mail me at [email protected] and I'll give you directions and more info on the lake.

Hey Mark when are you taking me out?????? bob
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