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Hi guys I'm the new guy on this board. I really like this board its great to see a group of boaters from your own area that know all the stuff you know and more...

A little about nmyself....I'm 16 and have been boating all my life, so I'm not one of those irresponsible kids. I grew up traveling on our 32' St. Tropez every summer, you know down to put-in-bay cedar point bass islands kellys and what not, and up to port huron lexington etc...Used to be members of the North channel y.c. but let it when we sold our boat a few years back, still visit occasionaly though with my grandparents, since we sold our St. Tropez I've got a 20 sea-ray laguna to cruise around on, plus we still have our dinghy and im fortunate enough to own two waverunners myself.

I like to hang aorund in the St. Clair river, north and middle channells, sand island and goose bay, I'm also a biig jetskiier, my hobby so I do a lot of that as well.

Now its time to get those boats in everyone, get out on the water for another great summer!

Welcome aboard Laguna.
Hope you stay on with the board. There is a lot of great stuff on it to learn.

I am getting the boat out there today. Be a little chilly since I don't have a windshield, but I don't care. The wait must be over. I have to get out and enjoy my passion after this past long winter. I'll be calling for LSCN'ers on the radio.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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