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Be gentle, please don't laugh that I have this to sell:

I have a Honda Spree for sale. Here are the details:
It is probably early to mid 80's (just a guess)
It's Red
It Runs
It will only start via kick start, needs a new battery
It will start within 2 kicks
I can get it up to 30mph with me and my 3 yr. old on it.
It's not in "show-room condition"

I will accept any reasonable offer to get this out of my garage.
Imagine how cool you can be on your own Spree... Come on, admit it, you always wanted one as a kid.

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QUOTE(Jason R @ May 4 2004, 03:11 PM)I wonder if the marina would have a coniption(sp) if I rode that thing around there.
I am sure that they'd be fine
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