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Hot Foot Throttles

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I've heard that some people are blowing up outboards when using hot foot throttles.

Why is this?

I've had mine for 4+ years and so far (knock on wood) have had no problems. Is there something I should watch for when I put the boat back in the water this year?
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Don't outboards have rev limiters?

I thought they did. So, what is the difference what kind of throttle you use?
Alot of the early reports (1996 thru 99) of hot foot throttles on the newer digital injected outboards (opti, Ficht, HPDI) were that they were not approved by the manufacturer because of lack of test time by them. There were even reprots that you would void your warranty if used. This is untrue, at least from my sources. There were problems with the speed of travel on them in reagards to throttle position sensors (TPI or TPS) and that has since been worked out by the motor manufacturers. Some adjusted the TPI units others added or subtracted additional units or replaced them with newer technology. You should not have to worry about "blowing" your motor with a foot throttle. Unless you have changed out your ECM (electronic control module) you should have a rev limiter and that will help protect the motor in the case that your prop has left the water momentarily. I must warn you though the more you do that and the worse it looks on your ECM to the manufacturer. I do not suggest hammering your foot to the floor at all times even while airborn because the more time you have hitting the rev limiter and over recommended max RPM, the less likely the manufacturer will cover motor failure.

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After reading that post It shows how much I really don't know.

The one "salesman" I talked to about this said the problems occured with the constant back and forth motion of the throttle (making long runs in rough water) vs. the steady control of conventional throttle.

I have a 1999 200hp Johnson outboard, If I took it into a factory mechanic could they tell me (by the computer chip) approx how many hours I have on the engine??
I have a Hot Foot. I love it.

I'd have to think if you aren't adjusting your speed in rough water, you're getting the snot kicked out of you more than you need to. That's what I love about my Hot Foot. I can keep both hands on the wheel and adjust my speed easily as needed. I can back off instantly if I leave the water and accelerate once I'm back in the water.

You can tend to overdrive since you feel more in control, but that's a matter of how much abuse you want your boat and back to take really.
Steeady control is a misnomer....if it is can run steady.

As Dan said, and I will reiterate....rough water is not a time for "steady" throttle. You need to run as the conditions will allow. If it is rough, take it easy, dont push it. Your body, boat and equiptment will thank you in the long run.....


Don't get me wrong I love the hot foot and probably wouldn't have any other way. I drive the boat the way the water dictates, I guess I'm just trying to avoid an expensive repair bill!!!

Thanks again
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