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We stayed at Breyers Cabins, their a little rough around the edges but, well we liked the set up and the people who run it so we'll be returning again next year. We kept my boat at dock "Right there"
The Pressure Crack Bar was a 100 yards from the cabin and the bait shop was less then a 1/2 mile away. Man what a great set up and awesome time. FISH, DRINK, BBQ. Over n over n over.

Houghton lake fishing report.
Early in the monring around Sun up. I got a giant 27 or 28 inch Bowfin, a little Hammer Handle, a small Bass. After that all Sunfish, Pumpkin seed, Blue gil, Sun Fish a few Perch off in on but no joke probaly 50 or 60 teeny pan fish. We went deep we went shallow, we used it all, those damn sunfish wouldnt quit. How ever I drank a beer for every Sun Fish, swam on the sand bar and drank beer st the Sand Bar Bar. he he it was a great trip. And we'll be returning next year for sure.
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