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QUOTE(Convincor @ Aug 4 2009, 12:56 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Looks like a nice boat. 570 hours is low in my opinion. I have heard many opinions on how many hours you can get out of a marine engine. I say, just run them till they don't run anymore. With proper maintenance of course. I don't see why you cannot get 1500 hours out of a well maintained engine. Some people may laugh at that, but I have heard mechanics say they have seen engines with that many hours on them. If you are real serious about the boat then pay a mechanic to check out the out drives. Look at the oil within. That is the most important thing to look at to start.

Good luck my friend.

What he said - take care of the equipment and it will take care of you. Treated properly and with regular preventative maintenance I see no reason you couldn't get 1000+ hours out of that gear.

OTOH, if you take off immediately after a cold start, slam the throttles WFO from rest, change the oil and lube once every three years whether it needs or not, well, then you should make good friends with your mechanic
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