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how common

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walleye got the benz, eyes popped out, when entered the livewell, from 40 to 50 feet of water. you guys expieriece that too ??
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Gotta fizz them when you get them that deep sometimes or they don't make it.
never..i've pulled eye's from 45 feet, being the deepest. I have yet to see this happen.
When I was a kid I would experience this ice fishing on Lake Bellaire. If you pulled them up fast from deep water their eyes would pop out most everytime.
Never saw the eyes bug out but I used to fish Crystal Lake up by Benzonia every winter for lakers. We would fish right on the bottom in like 110 feet of water. You would catch quite a few burbot too and if you brought the lakers of burbot up too fast from that deep their guts would be hanging out of their mouths when you brought them in. No catch and release fishing when they look like that!
Happens to perch alot up north where i fish, 50 fow or so and there lungs are coughed up through there mouths.
35 yrs fishin eyes, that fish was perfect cond upon inspection, and less than 15 minutes in the livewell its eyes popped and upsidedown, neverseen that before with michigan walleyes, learn something new all the time, thanks for the input fellas
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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