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Was just thinking back, specifically because Laney's birthday is coming up and I had just met her and a lot of us had started fresh with the board around the same time and had similar trials going on in our lives this time last year...

And I was just thinking... look at all we've all gone through in one year; both on the board on off... and that no matter what happens in life, somehow, we manage to get through it and to the next place, even though it seems at times that it's so overwhelming that breathing even becomes difficult.

But here we are, a year later... still surviving, still thriving, still enjoying, learning new lessons, paryting and letting go, and wondering what's next~don't you love the cycle?

and the beat goes on...

Happy Holiday's everybody!! yay!! Another year... who can imagine what the next one has in store? Nobody and that is the specialness of it all!!!

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