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How is traffic

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Curious if I should leave or wait out any traffic??
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Moving slow on Hall Rd. in Utica.

A good night to pull a late one . . . so I can play hooky tomorrow afternoon!
I left from Troy at about 4:30, and made it home quicker than usual. Roads were pretty clean, except where there was no protection from the southern wind.
Hall road west sucked at 5:30. Wasn't so much the weather, just the morons going 20mph or less. Come on people, its a LITTLE snow. 20 mph??? Then when I pulled up behind them they hit their brakes and went slower.

Hey you want to drive 20 in a 50? STAY HOME!!
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On my way home today I was going 50 on 696 and this ford Ranger in front of me spun out and went right off of the road and almost flipped. It was very slick out there tonight.
I was much worse around 6:00 than it was at 4:30-5:00. Last time I was on the road around 8:00, it was pretty bad too.

I can't believe it's still snowing!!
It stopped over here. I think I have about 2 inches on the ground in my back yard.
It should stop here soon then... I'm only a few miles from you!
Oh...ok I thought you were a westsider. I am itchin for some nice weather so I can finish the house and get the boat ready.

I got home & there's AT LEAST 5" on the ground here in NB!

Robyn said the neighbor snowblowed about 6PM, and there's AT LEAST 2" fresh stuff since then!
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Slow movin here in Warren........Icey roads.........
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