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I was at an Aerosmith concert with some friends. We had great 7th row seats. $$$$. As usual at a good rock show all on the floor level where standing for the entire show. The rude group in front of us insisted on standing on their chairs. Nobody in front of or behind them was doing this. There was no reason for it. They where in the 6th row for God sakes how much better could they see on their chairs?

It takes a hell of a lot to get me mad enough to even consider physical violence but after a half hour of arguing with this group I wanted to pummel the ringleader. I remember telling him "WE PAID AS MUCH AS YOU DID TO BE HERE AND I SURE DIDN'T PAY THAT MUCH TO STAIR AT YOUR GIRLFRIENDS FAT a$$ ALL NIGHT"! Then they tried to get us to stand on our chairs. Yeh, like I want to have to balance on a chair all night with a beer buzz and be rude and pi$$ off the peeps behind me.

We tried getting the useless ushers to do something and that worked for about 30 seconds. We called them back and they said "what do you want us to do about it". Ummmm how about your f-ing job.

Any way things where getting really heated and about to come to blows when the group of a-holes noticed the 5 or 6 rows of peeps behind me where cheering me on, shouting things like "kick his a$$" , "we got your back" and "sit the f down". One group of my supporters was a bunch of rough looking bikers.

Needless to say they backed down, after ruining about 40 minuets of the show. There was a small amount of justice however. Ringleader dude and his woman got into a fight after they got down and she left crying. He finally went looking for her after about 30 minuets, near the end of the show.

I hate rude people with a passion! I will go to great lengths to avoid a physical fight but I thought for sure I was gonna end up in jail that night.
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