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how would you feel

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ok, here's a good question for everyone here. many are married, many are on their own, and many are single. put yourself in this position:

no matter how many years you've been on your own, something happens and you have to move back home to be with, maybe even take care of your parents. think of this first. because parents (and family) should always comes first.

now: you're single. been very independant for 10 yrs or more. this is temporary for maybe 3-6 months. but still a big move. no kids or ex's involved. just a very freewheeling opportunity that may be needed to take care of your parents (which ends up in aiding yourself in saving $$$ also).

what would you do? what do you think? how about your self-esteem or image.....? honestly.....
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My parents and I are pretty close, so I would do it in a second. Sure, it would be kind of wierd and constricting, but family has to come first.
QUOTE(Intimidator @ Mar 5 2004, 06:12 AM) has to come first.
Exactly right .
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I'd be home in a heart beat if one of my parents needed me there. Remember, our parents spend an average of 18 years and $100,000 TAKING CARE OF US. Few months of return care is nothing.
CK, I sense that this scenario may be playing out for you.
If so, follow your heart and may good health and happiness go with you and yours.
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I had to move back home when I got divorced and I'm still here-

I don't let it bother me for the most part- It's the first time I lived home in like 16 yrs- so I'm giving myself a break

My dad likes having me here- it gives him company and he is really close to my kids now-

yes- I would move in to help my parents when they are older- or have them move in with me-
same for my future spouse's parents.( if that ever happens)
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It would be ok, they will drive me crazy for sure, but you have to do what you have to do. My self esteem and all that would be fine, it would probably be better knowing that I am sacrificing for people who have always sacrificed for me. Makes you feel good about yourself..
CK you definitely should not even think twice just do it! You're parents are not going to be around forever, so if you have a chance to do something for your parents and have to take care of them for a time that's part of growing old. I don't think it should do anything to your image and for your self esteem, well you should just feel proud to help them out. I guess too tho as long as they don't give you a hard time and get all in your business.
I am at a point in my life that if I could do anything for anyone it would be my parents. I just want the best for them so if you are the one to help them out, it just might be the thing to do.
Have a plan as to what your goal is for staying there and make the best of it especially if it can save you money!!

If you need somewhere to go to get away, ya know you can always call me up during the week, I would love the company! Or if you just need a room ya know what I mean!!
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Family comes first....and if you save money in the meantime all the better.

Remember what parents give, and their selflessness in raising their children. If you can return the favor than I think that is great!

I would do it in a heartbeat even if I was married, or take them in to care for them.
Gary & I have done it before. When we were going to buy our first house and it's very frustrating because your used to your independence and then you have to follow rules again. It's all out of respect for your parents but once your gone from home you develop a different frame of mind. A different view of how things should be done.

I guess if you have a good relationship with your parents it makes everything better. I think thats a "Must" if you have to move back.
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In my opinion this wouldn't even be a question. Family comes first in any situation so I would do what I had to do to take care of my parents.

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I moved home to take care of my mother after she had her last major stroke...took complete financial and physical responsiblity for the last two years of her life...wouldn't have it any other way... Self esteem wasn't effected. She was my mother and I was glad I did it.
No matter how long you have been on your own, there's no place like mom and dad's...(just recently had to go through was hard, but brought me back to where I needed to get things sorted out) Family is where we find our hearts, so it will always be a beautiful thing.

Giddy G~
yeah i would move back in with my parents if they needed me there... but my sister just did it

I think everyone who has posted on here is right...our parents do so much for us while we are growing up and they helped you become the person you are today!

If it ever came to it, i would have my parents move in with me too... (hopefully tom would not mind)
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Family comes first fo sho, I'm just waiting for my parents to move in with me.

I'll take care of them until my dieing day.
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I would do it as long as my crazy a$$ sister wasn't there!

Family does come first!!! And if you can safe some extra coin, then rock on! Go 4 it!
Like everyone states, no question would do it in a heartbeat.
yeah, moving back home with the p's for a couple months while mom has her surgery. happens to come at a perfect time, too, with lease up and saving $$$. my parents (hell, my bro, sis in law & nephew) are all held very HIGH in my book. they come first!

and i'm not so worried about my self-esteem, i'm more worried that i'm gonna cramp their style! lol! mom's VERY set in her ways and i hope she don't get irritated that i work from home and will be around a lot. so sure it'll be an adjustment, but hey! the p's come first!!

guess i'll just have to take jewels up on her offer to visit! lol!!!!!
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No way ever id make the trip over there after work and before to help out and do what ever was needed, but I couldn't ever live at home again, To many knock down drag out fist fights with my dad.hes 83 now but still is bitchy and pretty damm strong. And now that he has dementia he's quicker to fly off the handle. Last time my mom was in hospital for 2 months she asked me to get the mail and take care of the bills my dad had a major sh..T about it and almost turned into another fight. id get family to pitch in and pay for home care person to be there during the times I couldnt.We were talking about that the other day my sister and I best solution I came up with was buying this small house behind me and having him live there so I could help. Because when something ever happens to my mom no way will he is able to take care of him self and handle financial issues.
And iam the closest one living near them so I get elected to be there. I love them but no way could I do that.
QUOTE(rerun @ Mar 5 2004, 01:08 PM)I would love to move back.....F house payments.

What! and get rid of your love shack? <_<
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