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New to this board, normally post on BFHP, however, am comin north tomorrow for the Northern Skeeter Owners tourney going out of Elizabeth Park on Sunday and I just wanted to say hi to the folks up north. Have onlly been on the water once, and that was several weeks back, and didn't do any fishin, just lookin. Got on the water at 10A after staying at a local Bates Motel :) and got off at 6P and headed home to Columbus (I'd give ya the state but that's a four letter word to Michiganites). The wife was with me so we motored out onto Erie for awhile, shot pics of the lighthouse and then went up the River to St. Clair. Had a great time, even though I didn't boat any. You folks have a great fishery up there--take care of it. Also, notice I didn't ask for any info, figure the spots are gettin hit enough without addin to it, uh?
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