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I need help!

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I am planning on going down to the big lake this weekend. I would appreciate any help I can get on where I should start. This is my first time being on this lake. Please help me!!!!
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Go Fish,
You can find smallmouth around any of the mile roads from 9 to 14 mile roads. Start off in about 7 feet of water in the morning and as the sun comes up work your way out a little deeper. South Shore on the Canadian side also has a good population of fish.

Jerkbaits, spinnerbaits and tubes will produce good numbers.
Thanks for the info Basstrap896, I will try that. I heard about the grass island. Hows the fishing in that area??
Gofish...I have fished both the grass is. and the ares between 9 and 14 mile and it seems the later has been more productive. I took my girls out the other day and they had a ball just drifting with tubes. They are very easy for them to set the hook.
Good Luck !!!!!!!!!!!

Do u simply drift with the tube jigs, or cast them? What about live bait in that area?

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I do 11 year old uses live bait and my 6 year old uses the tubes. She dosen't get as many bites but when they hit and your drifting the fish seems to set the hook by themselves so it is easier for her.
Thanks for the tip. I haven't had any luck on the tubes, or with bass for that matter. I think it is my location. I 've been reading a lot of posts to see what people are using, & I think I just simply need to find the hot spot. Thanks again
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Fishing any of the Channels coming into the lake are hot spots for big Smallies on the the Southeast side of the North Channel just before you get Anchor Bay there is a flat the they feed on early in the morning. You will be fishing among the Walleye boats. Ask them how many big Smallies they catch. This is a good tip . Bob
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Thanks for the tip Bob. I will have to try that. What is more productive to use there, artificial or live bait? Also, I have been meanig to ask you about muskie. Reading some of your posts, I noticed you use shad raps, bucktails, etc. Do you ever use the big muskie lures, such as the white belly perch? That is what we use when trolling for muskie. Thanks
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Bob casts for them.....always has and probably always will

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I've never casted for them. Have to try that next time. My father-in-law got me on muskie, and we've always trolled. But always willing to try something new. Thanks a million guys.
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