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So, how much ice do you guy's have left on the water? Looks like we will be fishing this weekend for sure. All of the little ponds are now open and most of the big lakes are almost completely open. A little ice out in the middle, but it's been real windy and it's suppose to rain all night so it should all be gone by morning!!!
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It is getting VERY slushy out there, especially toward shore. We went out tonight - the water is getting very cloudy, by the way - and there was still a good 12-14" of ice left. A few little ones were caught very close to shore/sea wall.
St. Clair River and Belle River are flowing! Sending that ice outta here!
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I would not advise ANYONE to be out there now. I spoke with a few people (Steve, aka Instigator) about this and his canal has broken up and sank in the middle already.


Buddy went back out to 10 mile yesterday against my advice. He was walking out about 50 yards behind two gentlemen both of who fell through at the first crack north of the Coast Guard. He said there is less than 2 inches of ice at the crack so he had to jump it. Stayed 2 hours for one 10" perch. Be careful out there people.
That about cinches it for me. Time to get excited about this 50-60 degree weather we've been having...
Dude watches someone fall in, jumps a crack, and all to go ice fishing? Count me out....
I heard some bad news yesterday. The professional walleye tournament scheduled for early April on the Detroit River has been moved to Illinois due to the heavy ice anticipated floating through the river this year. They moved it for safety reasons they announced. Thats a bummer but totally understandable.

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That's nothing Alex. Same guy two years ago tricked me into trudging close to a mile through swamp to get to the Au Sable two years ago to wade down the river for trout fishing. After that I would fish on 2 inches of ice anyday!!! Some people will do anything to catch a fish but I find myself becoming more mortal each year.
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