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Being a Mepps Expert. Use the #5 on the med.hvy. or a bait caster. Use the #3 Mepps on the med. spinning rod. #3 mepps is way to lite for a baitcaster. #3 works very good on 6lb. test and the #5 on 10lb. test. I get away with 4lb. Fireline with the #3 mepps but i back off a bit on the cast and that baby gets out there 120 feet or more. I've lost a few on 4lb. SNAP PING gone.

I think you'll be better with the 6lb. test fireline or other 6lb. for #3's I send them with 6lb. fireline.

I use #2 mepps with 4lb fireline alot in shallower water.

# 4's are good with 6lb fireline or 8lb other line.

Hope this helps and please ask anything about Mepps seeing i have so many hours with that lure for sure

h2o<---says there's less than 300 Mepps Experts in the World
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