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QUOTE(KezzerOne @ Sep 12 2003, 08:00 PM)OK.... this is my idea. But NO ONE CAN LAUGH at it!!!

Picture this (especially females)

Its a cold winter night and nature is calling SOOO bad that it wakes you from your sleep.
You feel your way into the bathroom, and go to sit down on the seat. The seat is so damn cold that it shocks you to a wide awake state...
(like I said, geared more towards females... but ya never know if #2 is going to call). How nice would it be to sit down on a nice preheated toilet seat????

That is my idea.... a heated toilet seat!!!!

Mr. Big, when this patent makes millions you can thank me by personal check or cash.

they have these, heated toilet seats, and heated towel racks.

How bout an affordable new 30 foot boat
yeah, one that is under $150,000

How about a beter airflow system into the marine engines/engine room?

opening would have to be near the windshield area, with a waterproof fabric, but still lets the air in. Like those hunting tents/blinds material, coloered to match the boat, and an air flow system that routes the fresh air intake to the engine room while under power.
to help with the expulsion of engine heat/ engine room temps... and enhance performance with fresh air, with out putting on big scoops
been thinking on this myself........
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