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I'm just starting out on the South beach diet and here is my shoping list, I don't imagine this will be cheap


- vegetable coctail/tomato juice
- several packages (10 oz frozen chopped spinach)
- bell peppers
- Asparagus
- Scallions
- Bermuda onion
- Dry-packed sun dried tomatoes
- Zucchini
- cloves garlic
- Broccoli
- 2 medium artichokes
- Celery
- Boston lettuce leaves
- Romaine lettuce
- Rosemary leaves
- Cucumber
- Cherry, plum tomatoes
- Avacodo
- Radishes
- 1 eggplant
- lemon
- onions
- mushrooms
- dill sprigs
- cauliflower florets
- ginger
- cabbage
- flat leaf parsley
- one bay leaf
- squash
- red onion
- arugula leaves


- Ham
- salmon
- Eggs
- Liquid egg substitute
- Canadian bacon
- turkey slices
- cans of tuna
- 1 ½ lbs large shrimp, peeled and deveined
- Broiled sirloin steak
- Orange Roughy fillets - 1lb
- Mahi Mahi
- Sirloin hamburger, top round, or eye round London broil
- Can crabmeat


- 1% cottage cheese
- Nonfat dry milk
- Nonfat milk
- shredded reduced fat cheeses
- laughing cow light cheese
- mozzarella cheese sticks
- part-skim ricotta cheese
- land O'lakes gourmet Fat-free half & half
- cottage cheese
- crumbled blue cheese
- Smart balance spread


- Basil
- Chopped fresh marjoram
- 2tbs fresh minced cilantro
- lemon, lime juice
- Olive oil/extra-virgin olive oil
- Egg poacher
- Sugar substitute
- Reduced fat mayonnaise
- Loosely packed cilantro leaves
- Light soy sauce
- Balsamic vinegar
- White wine vinegar
- Thyme
- White pepper
- Sugar free Jell-O
- Vanilla extract
- Unsweetened cocoa powder
- Espresso powder
- Mini chocolate chips
- Dry white wine
- Mustard seeds
- Red pepper flakes
- Bay leaves
- Red wine vinegar
- Dill
- Garlic
- Rosemary leaves
- I can't believe it's not butter spray
- Pepper
- Silvered toasted almonds
- Dry sherry or vermouth
- Sesame oil
- Worcestershire sauce
- Lemon zest
- Cholesterol-free bacon bits
- Parsley
- Oregano

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This is actually just the first week, I'll go shopping again next week.

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That looks like ever bit of $200.....and it's only for one week! I think you'd be far better off hiring a personal trainer. I'd be willing to bet that you'd see better results in the long run also......just something to think about.

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that's why I had to go off of it - couldn't afford it

sad, but it's cheaper to eat like $hit than healthy - just take the little sleazers $5 pizza or a $1 double cheese burger from mickey d's for instance...

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Oh Cassie I hope I catch you before you go shopping!

I started the SB in January and came up with the same list as you! but then i decided to just get the stuff i need for the next two or three days.....the list is a lot smaller, and easier! cheeper too!!!

in time you'll have most of that stuff in house, and only need to pick up a few things...just remember those fruits and veggies rott real fast!
i learned the hard way!

good luck shopping!

(ps) im still on the SB diet and i like it alot! It doesn't seem like such a chore anymore

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cassie, i've been doing the SBD since may 3rd and down 11 lbs..I too, i was overwhelmed with the shopping list at first. after awhile you'll realize what you need and what you dont need.
usually i buy alot of veggies from nino salvaggio's on the way home from work on monday's and thursdays. i might pick up some chicken breast, cottage cheese, egg beaters, turkey bacon, turkey burgers , etc etc...
i find it easiest to prepare meals for days at a time. sunday night i might cook up all my turkey bacon and pre-package that into single servings of 2 slices. chop up my peppers and onions, cook my turkey burgers and package them into single servings...
drink lots of water. don't have even 'one bite' of anything.

i'm up about 5 lbs but that was due to vacation and all the daiquri's and pina colada's i drank in south beach and key west

so back to strict phase 1.
it helps to buy the books and READ them. log your food intake at
i drank my wine on the weekends and still lost weight.
good luck.

oh, and yes, it's pretty expensive. i average about 200+ a week. maybe 50-70 of that is just veggies alone

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Just do the simple diet.
No beer
No sweets
and work-out

This has been around for decades, simple and it works
Ask fit chick

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Wow thanks for all of the tips!

I do plan on excercising. I actually have set up a workout room consisting of machines that I've bought at garage sales downstairs- a nice treadmill for $100
I also ordered a TV mount so that I can watch TV while I work out.

So I'm expecting the first trip to be extrordinarily expensive but it'll be cheaper after that because I won't need to replace everything. I'm also not looking forward to all of the cooking and planning. The biggest reason I went on the slim-fast diet is because I'm a lazy-a$$ when it comes to cooking! Just grab a can and go! But as you can see that hasn't really worked out for me...

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