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Jigging Spoon

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I would like to use a jigging spoon on a 6'6" mh baitcast rod/reel with 12lb fluoro. Does anyone think this is o.k, or should I use a different type of setup?
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I would think that would be fine as long as you don't go real heavy with the spoon. What size are you planning on throwing? 1/2? 3/4?
I've got 3/8 oz + 1/2 oz right now. Do you think I need to get a 3/4 oz jigging spoon?
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What you have right now will work perfectly. I wouldn't get a 3/4 unless you plan on fishing real deep.
I like to use a 6'6" med hvy spinning rod with P-line Fluro-clear. I believe you get better sensitivity & balance from a spinning rod.
I think your right Alex. A spinniung outfit is much better suited for that type of jigging.. Much better balance and sensitivity. Bob
If Dave Reault wasn't so cheap with the info, the king of spoon fishing would cough up some good pointers.....come on Dave, we know you will read this post...
John I know you can add some yourself. Med to med/heavy baitcaster, I use 14 and 17 pound mono and primarily 3/4 and 1 oz spoons. I used to fish spoons a lot more but on Erie there are now way too many sheephead. I also cast spoons a lot and jerk hard like I'm setting a hook and let them sink back to the bottom and repeat. With the right rod it is stiff enough to snap the spoon without too much effort and soft enough to stay loaded when fish jump and surge at the boat. I switch between single and treble hooks depending on how the fish are biting, if they're eating it good the single and if they bite is more tenitive I'll use the trebles.

If you want to be the sheephead king, watch for fish suspended off the bottom and put on a hopkins and you'll wear your arms out.
Way to go Dave! Now, stay off of all my hot spots!
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