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There was some BS posted about Jimmy on this site a few weeks back. Well here is the truth. Good bye Jimmy you will be missed....


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What BS was that?

I moderate this place and I dont remember seeing anything....

I did read the story yesterday morning in the Macomb Daily.....

Someone posted the it was Suicide.
Thanks misterD. I read the earlier posts and don't recall any BS. If I remember right most of them were kind and touched on his contributions to this great sport.
QUOTE(MisterD @ May 2 2003, 09:25 AM)Someone posted the it was Suicide.
I was told that by a neighbor of his....and I did post about his contributions....

Either way the man will be missed by all, I only wish I had taken the time to get to know him.

I didn't mean to offend anyone, but I was relaying what I heard. I've never acually seen the post, but I've been going to Jimmy's for years and don't want anybody to think of him as a coward. Heck if it wasn't for that comment I would never have even tried to find this site.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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