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Jobbie Nooner scanner audio

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The scanner has finally cooled off. Try as you might you couldn't crash it.

I ended up with 6 hours of audio from 14 hours of Jobbie Nooner yesterday. I didn't edit them. I just cut out the dead air, open mike, and most of the static or poor transmissions. There was just too much stuff to even attempt to edit.

You can listen at the usual place where the recordings are streaming.

Or you can download them one at a time or all of them in one zip file. There are 8 files and are named with the times they cover. There is no dead air so 1 - 2 hours are less than an hour. They cover 14 hours from 10 am - midnight.

Usually that time period on a Friday or Saturday only gets about 2 - 3 hours of recordings.

One big zip file.

Download one at a time scroll down to see them all at that link.

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We were using a special events channel for everything that was going on out there! The radio never shut up! We were very busy!
Its pretty funny to listen to the coast guards communication which is so "textbook" and exact, then it is followed by so and so got your ears on?
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