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Johnny Ray Mounts

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Curious what size Johnny Ray mounts people use with their X15/16 GPS's. The larger or smaller one? Anyone have problems using the small ones on a bass boat with the rough water?
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I've got nothing but good things to say about Jonny Ray mounts. I'm not sure how the smaller mount would handle the big Lowrance unit like you've got. I have gone with in-dash mounting on my new boat, but had a Lowrance LMS160 mounting on the console on my old boat. It was great on the rough water. It never moved while I was driving or broke off. My friend had the same boat and same GPS unit mounted on a RAM mount. The RAM moved all over the place. Not a good thing when you are trying to drive in the rough stuff.
I have had bad experiences with Johnny Ray mounts. All I can say is that its a good thing the cables held or my old LMS350 would be on the bottom of Lake Erie....

I went flush mount at the bow, but the GPS will not be. Previous boat used the smalled mount on the bow for an x-70 and the the GlobalMap 2000 mounted right behind the windshield.

Can't decide what to do on this one, but will proabably go hard mount to the console just for the extra security. It would be nice to turn the unit around when at the bow to see where I am at. I guess I would put an extra lms350 at the bow and just tie it into the x16 to plot the position when I really want to know.
My previous boat did have the GPS mounted on the console on a Jonny Ray so that I could see it from the bow. It a nice feature, one I already miss on the new one. THe new was rigged with the GPS in dash, and I could not change it. If you sceptical about the Jonny Ray's and the "ball" type Rams, you may want to look at the "arm" type ram mount. They look pretty good.
I have my X-15 on the "arm" type Ram-mount that Bassabductor mentioned and I love it. It costs about $10 more than the "ball" type RAM but is worth every penny.

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