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I've got a 1999 200hp Johnson outboard and i'm having problems with the initail startup. It turns over fine and fires up o.k. but i can't seem to get the thing to stop it's fast idle.

I originally thought i had bad gas because it was spiting and sputerring on cold start-ups but i can run 70mph w.o.t. I'm beginning to lean toward a bad thermostat. Today after i let it run for a couple of minutes i reached around and felt the water coming out and it was cold.

Isn't this supposed to be warm? If so then this would lead me towards a thermostat again, right?

Next dumb question, where is the thermostats located on this outboard?

The better half is already complaining about the amount of cash spent so far this year, so i hope someone can help me stay out of divorce court

thanks ,
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