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June 13 LSC Report

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Time: 5:45am to 3:30pm

Water Temp: 61-65 degrees

Water clarity: Clear to stained in areas from the 400 to 9mile tower, stained near metro beach clear out deeper.

Areas fished: 400, Mile roads did not fish Metro beach due to water conditions.

Depths fished: 6ft, 10ft, 14ft, 15ft

Structure fished: Scattered weedbeds, flat dropoff and emerging weed at the 400

Lures used that produced: rattle trap (3/4oz strikeking redeye sexy shad, chartreuse cotton cordell), yum grub, live minnows, berkely gulp minnows

Fish caught: around 45 smallmouth averaging from 1.5 to 2.5lbs collectively with one that Brian caught at 3lb10oz. I caught 2 juvenile musky one lost at boat and a few rockbass

My thoughts: The 3lb 10oz bass caught was a female that was obviously recovering from spawning due the the lethargic nature she exhibited while being caught. Big females shoud be on a feeding frenzy soon.


Part of the musky(correction) I caught and brians finger....nice job Brian..

Joint Shoulder Tartan Neck Sleeve

3lb 10oz smallmouth
Water Sky Cloud Vertebrate Fisherman


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Nice thorough report. Your finger botched photo looks like a musky though not a pike.
lol Tim sorry man!
Next Trip I will bring my camera...i can make some sense outa that one =)

thanks again for the great trip looking forward to next one
That's a musky Sir

Nice report too!!! Good details in there. Sounds like a good time on the water.
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Very detailed report! Ummmm....What did you have for lunch?
Great report.
I think you need to fire your cameraman.
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QUOTE(CaptDoug @ Jun 14 2009, 08:35 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What depth produced best for you Tim?

14ft off mermorial park
QUOTE(Zib @ Jun 14 2009, 08:41 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Great report. B) I think you need to fire your cameraman.! =)
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here is a nice one by sirfishalot
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