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Anytime anyone needs a safety check performed on their boat all you need to do is contact a local AuxCoastGuard Flotilla. They have members that will gladly perform a vessel exam for you for free.
I belong to AuxCG flotilla 10-6 based out of Detroits Harbor Hill marina and we have at least 10 members that perform these vessel exams and most of them will go to where you have your boat moored to do this check. I am my flotillas web master and you can go to my web site to get information on who to contact there.. There is also some useful information there for boaters of all types including those that have been boating for years and think they know everything about boating. Our Flotillas web address is . Go there and check it out.. Theres a link to the Aux Coast Guards National web site that has links to all of the local and National Flotillas, plus there's more information on what you should know if your going to be a boating on these great lakes.
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