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That's right, we're not all bad! I'm a Lake Patrol officer on Lake Norman in North Carolina (you know the lake that has the friendly competition with you guys for the raft up) and finally found this site. Just mainly wanted to hop on here and maybe talk with fellow law enforcement officers that patrol LSC and share ideas and such. Pretty cool to see that the majority of you support your cops up there, that goes a long way to maintaining good relations with the public. I frequent a similar website here ( and answer people's questions and get to know boaters before I've stopped them. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and if there are any fellow "po po" on this site or if anyone knows any of the lake officers, have them give me a yell. Here's a link to my agency's website if anyone is interested

Look forward to talking with you on here or our site and be safe out there on the water.

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