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kent lake fishing 4/5/04

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i went out to kent lake today, from about noon until 3pm. i caught 1 non-keeper smallie, and three keepers, from 15 1/2 inches to 16 1/2 inches. my partner caught one 17" smallie, and one 25" northern. it was a little cold today, but when it warmed up, and the wind died down, the fish stopped biting. when we were in the cold wind, the fish were biting. we lost a couple fish that we had on for a few seconds, and we saw fish following our baits right to the boat. i'm sure that if we stayed out there a couple more hours, i would have finished my limit, but had to go to work. the fish were out in open water, around 6 or 7 fow. i got skunked out there last year, so it felt good just catching anything.
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That doesn't surprise me one bit Derrek...the best days I've had on Kent Lake (as well as many others) was when the wind was howling. Where did you fish?
the best big fish day i ever had on kent had wind gusts up to 57 mph. people were looking at me like i was insane launching my boat on a day like that.

i will tell you what though. in 10 casts i landed 3 bass over 4 lbs and lost another right at the boat.

madman himself
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I've been wondering if Kent has a real slow water-exchange rate. Maybe the water gets a little low on oxygen and kind of stagnant so the wind stirs things up and energizes the food chain more so than some lakes?
I am curious ....if you don't mind .....what was you using?

I was over there on Friday I got one in 6ft on a spinnerbait. It was very windy that day and I only got that one bite all day.
i was throwing a red ratl'trap, and a red bomer a-1. i was on the west shore of the lake. i had no problem lauching my 20 foot nitro, we had to have the back tires of my truck in the water, but didn't need to use 4x4 to get it out. that water out there looked like the cleanest i have ever seen it out there. i think that helped alot. i could see down 4 to 5 feet. derrek
Dan, that could be, but I think it's also because it's so dang shallow that the fish spook easier when it is calm. Kent is a pretty clear lake (especially in the spring), so the chop on the water helps...
I was out there on Monday too. I did well on rattletraps in deep water, not to metion all the fish I caught on the Banjo Minnow. Got to love em.
The Banjo Minnow really works fantastic. I still have my kit. Can't say enough about the Banjo Minnow. Only Sad part is you go through so many minnows. But they sure do catch fish.

h2o<---says a amazing lure
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