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Kent Lake

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I am going to be on Kent Lake this weekend and I have never fished it before. As I have had some electrical issues with the vessel and it is currently torn apart I have been unable to pre-fish.

If anyone knows the lake .. where, what and when to use ... I would greatly appreciate the input.

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Theres a channel that goes all the way through the lake find it on the map work the channel on both side's Just stay on the channel pattern and you should do good. Find the channel put a marker out to identify the edge than work it real good. Anchor and work it slowly. Keep up on that pattern. Use real light line 4lb. test fireline smoke color tie a 1/8 or 1/16 oz. jig direct. Use a berkley 3 or 2 inch. power grub. Do this and you will do good.
Work a area for 10-15 minutes. keep going and enjoy.

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if you dont get a few good fish early, your gonna hate kent. i fish it often and i struggle in the summer months. i was out last night with my tournament director pre fishing for a tourney we are having out there this sunday with the ABA and we only got one keeper between 3 of us. and that was after fishing for 4 hours.

it is a tough lake in the summer. the fish are never on the same pattern they were the day before.

i would suggest using many different baits and fishing as much water as you can. there are many areas in the lake that wont look like they would hold quality fish, but these are the areas that usually do.

try to fish as much of the lake as time will allow this weekend. get to know a few areas. if you find fish, work those areas hard and PAY ATTETION!!!!

i wish you all the luck in the world, your gonna need it. im gonna need it. tough lake, but thats what keeps me coming back

madman himself

ps. it kicks a$$ in the spring and fall
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Fish under the bridge (I-96) fish thing with Pop-R's . Always works for me, if you the frist one there. Also, if you launch at the East ramp, be careful. About 100 yards out, right in front of the ramp is a large rock pile. We had a tournament there last year and 4 out of ten boats hit it. Stay as far to the west as possible.

Thanks all for the input, I will definately utilize this information.
I used to have a lot of luck fishing the whole shoreline around the brushpile north of the canoe camp and the brushpile itself (we caught and released a 6.5 lb largemouth there). also between the two islands north of the brushpile (very good for bass & big walleye if the weeds don't make it unfishable).
also there is a flat about 10 ft deep on the south side of the lake (north of the 96 bridge), it runs from the shore line out to the channel, the out side edge of the weedline
there is a very good spot.
there is a small bay facing the main boat launch on a small island (the closest island to the launch), this spot always holds at least one bass.
the area near the sailboat slips (near the main launch)
tends to hold fish too (I have seen a lot of shore fisherman in that area with walleye).
and of course work the channel edges if you have a depth finder. good luck!
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