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did anyone do any good on perch and walleye this weekend?
i drifted out by 27 marker, then out from the 400 club, then by grassy, and by 9 mile , trolled, changed colors and no hits at all on the harnesses. except for a few rock bass.
i finally got into some perch on sunday evening around 5:00, ended up with 20 keepers.
i think its about time to change to minnows for the perch, please let me know if anyone did any good, i would really like to get some walleye soon, only caught 7 so far this year and that was in one day within a few hours.
had one musky grab a perch by 9 mile on the way in, but she let go after a few seconds, but wow, what a run!

thanks everyone, hope your weekend was better than ours haha
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