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Every year I have a yearly event in June and people from out of state come to enjoy the Lake St.Clair area. I usually try to take them to a different location around the lake every year and this year I thought I'd run down the Detroit River out to Lake Erie, but it's a area I'm not familar with for boating bars that serve food. Put in Bay is too far considering we leave out of St.Clair,MI., so does anyone recommend something close to the mouth of the Detroit River on Lake Erie or is there basically nothing there?

We did Jack's last year, but would like to go all the way down the Detroit River this year.

Also I know there's a bar that does a Bloody Mary breakfast on St.Clair I just can't think of it offhand. Was thinking of hitting there in the morning before heading out, but wasn't sure if they could accomodate 15-20 boats at a time nor do I know which place it is.

Thanks for any help offered in this matter and Merry Christmas to all my fellow St.Clair boaters.
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