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Lake Conditions This Weekend

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Hey yall. I was planning on fishing the lake this weekend but someone was telling me its going to be very windy. Does anyone know anything regarding this. Also, wheres a good alternative to Lake St clair when the weather acts up. Thanks
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I'll post the Fishing Weather report shortly

The NOAA is usually pretty accurate about wind speed/direction forecasts.

NOAA LSC Forecast
Here is my experiene with the NOAA report. Take the numbers they give and add them together.

When they say "Waves 1 to 2 feet" That really means waves will be at least 3 feet
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I've rarely seen the weather bouy record waves at 3 feet on LSC. I think that us fishermen tend to think that the waves that we experience on the pond are actually bigger than they really are. Kind of like the fish that we catch
So I usually take the wave reports that I hear from fellow fishermen and divide them by half.
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All I know is that I've seen reports of "Waves 1 to 2 feet" and ran the bilge all day because waves crashed over the back deck of my bass boat.

The point is, you never really know what it's like until you get out there. Then, hopefully the wind isn't too bad or you can fish in an area where you can get out of it if it is too bad.
Today was bad, wind out of the north blowing like crazy, i tried to fish the north channel by grassy, but the anchor wouldnt grab and i ended up two markers down and on the other side of the channel in no time at all
If I were you, I would stay home. I heard 8 foot waves, 40 mph wind. Yeah that's it. But if you were going out, where would you be going? Ha, ha.

I will be out tomorrow rain or shine. Haven't been out much this year and I will take any day I can, wind or rain.

If you'll be out there with me, good luck.
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