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Lake Discussion?

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Hey man, I have been racking my brain, trying to think of some topic for Lake Discussion. To keep you busy. Oh Well! Come spring time you will probably be overflowing with topics. What do you think?
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Yea there really isn't much to say about the lake right now. I guess there could be ice conditions posted but there better served in Fishing fourm. Thanks for helping out and have a great day!
It's been cold for a long time now. Is there any open water now? Lets discuss.
Ive seen a couple of break away patches out there. My question is: Are the channels(north and south) froze up or does the current keep them open? Haven't been up to Alganac lately, but plan on taking a Sunday drive this weekend to check it out.
QUOTE(rfdeiter @ Jan 23 2003, 08:06 AM)It's been cold
Your telling me........I'm inside and still freezing!

Not sure about the open water. I know there are a few members that live up in the anchor bay area. Maybe they can chime in and give us all a report.
I was over at McMachen last saturday to do some work on the boat and the Clinton was frozen over. It had been running strong and except for about 5-8 feet ice from the banks just a week earlier.

HCN showed the ice fishermen had returned to my well as well as out in the channel. Ice shanties were much further out, perhaps a 1/4 mile and there was a few areas of open water mixed in with the ice. In an hours time, I counted 4 freighters making their way through the south channel, 3 south bound, one north. I ice walls south of Gull/along the south channel, are probably close to 30 feet tall from being freighter pushed.

Just my observations from 5 days ago, and it has only gotten colder down here.
The spillway at Harper has been frozen scince Thanksgiving, I saw open water off the new DNR launch at Jefferson and Ballard last Saturday. I won't be able to do a drive by in the daylight till this Saturday. Lake frozen over helps with water retention, thus higher lake levels in the spring. Come on spring rains, go La Nina or El Nino whatever it is causing the weather patterns.
Break out the skates and hockey sticks.
They were racing the ice sales the other day.... Pretty cool.
Capt'n Rob, When are you going to have everybody over for a deck party, and we all can check out the ice boats?
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