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QUOTE(Katerina @ Jul 14 2009, 02:56 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>were fishing between 2 plants- anyway it were something industria at horizont:)
we used night crwlers with wall eye rigs- caught them at lime yellow coloured rigs

sounds like you were fishing brest bay with harnesses and bottom bouncers. Reports have been pretty good from there. If you visit the michigan sportsman site you will find a lot of info on fishing for walleye out of Sterling state Park (Brest Bay) with bottom bouncers and harnesses (often referred to in the reports as "dragging meat".)
Not sure how deep you were fishing but for me most of the fish have been tight to bottom. I don't drag harnesses but I know we have had to bump bottom with dipseys and spoons to get fish.
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