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Lake looks good

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Today was really the first Super Clear day I have seen this year. Stopped by my local park on Jefferson (south of Shook) I could see over near Gull and the South Channel Lights very clearly. Awesome.

We can talk about lake level, and dredging all day, but ya' know, I'm trying to keep you guys positive.
Take a moment to (smell the roses) and stop by the launch or park and just take in the lake for a minute. It is really beautiful. I always see that lone tree out there at the end of Seaway Island. And think, man I would love to be out there right now.

Truly inspiring!

Rock on, Fellow boaters.
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I hear ya Convincor,
Yesterday went to Tin Fish, then went to Harsens, San Souci bar, and then to Crews Inn for Dinner. Looked at the lake all day yesterday and I am getting pumped for boating season to start. I can't wait!
Before I left for work saturday morning, and walked out to the seawall and there was a few hundred yards of ice still there, I came home, and it was all gone. It's getting close, I cant wait. Sunday it was sunny and calm all day, The water was crystal clear, Threw some casts for a while, nothing biting, but I'll never lose the appreciation of looking at the view, low water or not!
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