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QUOTE(pumpkinseed @ Jul 27 2009, 09:47 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>that is very cool i talked to u today on the phone at anglers point come on in and say hey it was cool talkin to ya. did u make it out to the light today and if so how did u do

No didnt make it out to the st clair light, went out on my neighbors boat out of Bouvier bay about 6pm last night . straight out from fair haven 9-10 fow casting and draging harnesses. First cast about 2lb smallmouth
. Harnesses did real good 1 nice pearch, and the biggest smallmouth I EVER caught 23.5 inch long,he didnt have a scale so didnt weight it. Had to be well over 5 lbs. Camera was in cooler, was all foged up so put fish in net back in water until camera cleared up. Didnt see the hole in net, OMG
. Fish swam away, would have been nice to get picture.
Will be stoping in for new net or replace netting.Did i mention the bugs out there. Was wondering why we were the only ones left out there.We were swarmed. LOL Some kind of knat or something . Just covered from head to toe. Almost forgot one nice walley around three pounder. Didnt get home til 2 am , will stop in to see you soon. Dave
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