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confused. lake st clair is tremendous yet he should spend his time in the rivers or erie???

JACK, spend some time on the lake. pick up a hotspots map and look it over. one key area would be the mile roads. produces fish pretty much year round. the action might not blow your hair back, but it is pretty consistant once you find the right depth, lure. i would say start at 8 feet of water with tubes. anything in watermelon, IMO the flake doesnt matter a ton if you just want to catch fish. 12 mile would be a good place to start. hope for a north wind, this would get you better drifts, and work your way deeper as you prefer.

if you launch at harley ensign, be sure to stop in at lakeside tackle and talk to the boys, they always have the latest lake info and you can pick up the 'hot' clair colors there.

madman himself
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