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The Lake St. Clair Shivers will begin in October.
Every Sat. ( weather permitting) till the snow flys.
We will be meeting at Harley Ensign.
Time : Safe light till ? ( anglers will make this call)
Team event----- 5 fish limit

Entry fee $ 40.00
NBAA rules apply

ALL are welcome. Pass the word.

Hope you can join us for some great fall fishing
and have a great time with some of the freindliest anglers.

Any question contact
Paul Sacks........248-819-3192

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Paul, you know Prop & Sail has Hooters girls at their weigh-ins. Why don't you one- up- them and get some stippers from BT's or Landing Strip? That would warm things up a bit. I'd much rather get a lap dance than a damn sack of tubes for finishing out of the money!
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