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lake st-clair water clairty

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was wondering who clear the water is along the mile rds. and the lake in general.

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i'll be out scouting tomorrow night. i will let you know what i see. all the reports i have heard say the water is dirty up in anchor and alond the west shoreline. i will know for sure tomorrow.

hope i can find some clean water on the us side.

madman himself
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will be fishing sunday and heard it was muddy. of course it is supposed to rain again today. like living in the Guam...
I havent had the time to get out onto the Lake this year and this same question has been bothering me as well.

I hear that the water is very dirty up in Ancor bay and around the chanel areas.

Here are some of the questions I hope someone can answer for me.

Is anyone catching any Bass on the north ends of the lake?

Where does the water seem to be changing to the clear?

How far east and how far south do I need to go before I find clear water?
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I was out saturday putting time on my motor (brand new,....going through the break-in process) and it was rough and dirty!! 2-3footers due to a strong east wind! I spent most of my time in the St.Clair river to avoid the wind and an hour or so up and down the Sni. The river and channels are slightly stained but the lake is dirty. I think we need a good north wind to help blow that dirty water south,.....and i think we'll still have stained to dirty water on the US side this weekend. I launched out of Selfridge and that whole Anchor Bay area looked like coffee!!

It'll be dirty for awhile anyway....

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i have a question for you guys who know the pond. im not looking for specifics as far as lures and spots.

what do you guys do when the water is dirty and you have a tournament? do you take off looking for cleaner water in other areas or do you tough it out and fish 'your spots'? i mean if you have areas that always produce fish, wouldnt you still fish them even if the water is dirty? when the water is dirty, do you use brighter colors, slower moving baits, fish slower? i have limited experience on clair and limited experience with coffee water. just trying to put together a game plan for this weekend. any help would be greatly appreciated and i would be glad to dedicate my very first tournament victory to you guys

madman himself
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Ive been out 8-10 times over the last month, water clarity has been 1-2ft from Metropark to 9mile and down to Windmill point as opposed to the 6-8+ ft of last year. Could be the abundant rain or the south winds?

Madman24 - I've found that being specific to spots (rocks/weeds) make noise (rattles/heavier wieghts stiring up the bottom) and brighter colors, have helped me boat fish while my partners were struggling intill they swiched.
I tore them up the one day I was out on the new Firetiger tube by Xtreme bass. That was my first time using the new color and it outfished the other colors we tried in the dirty water by a large margin. I'll be doing some more testing.

those are some bad mofos. i will definatly be trying them out this weekend. the new great lakes craw is unbelievable. i am ready for another pack. those things work everywhere, i tell no lies.

madman himself
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any of the local shops carry these magic baits..
QUOTE(dartag @ Jun 15 2004, 10:19 AM)any of the local shops carry these magic baits..
You'll have to order them. Here is a link to web for contact info. You can have them delievered.

The Firetiger was the only color tube to put a fish in the boat on Erie last Saturday too.....unfortunately it was a sheepie
. But for the record no other color could catch em
It was my first experiment with the bait and it looks like a good color for stained water.
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There is no magic lure (well, if somebody has it, they aren't sharing anyway...), but I have a witness to how well the Firetiger tube was working in the faily stained water verses other tube colors.

Like I say - lots of testing to be done yet, but the early results are encouraging...

If you want to see what the two really new tube colors (Great Lakes Craw and Firetiger) look like, click the next link and go down the page to the Product Highlight. Click here.

If you want to order, follow Alex's link.
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