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Hey there all you fishing buddies. THis is your old friend Cory again with this weeks fishing report.
Fishing has sped up just a little in the last week especially in yellow perch and walleye.
Starting with walleye, there has been some limits caught in the Dumping grounds both trolling and drifting with crawler harnesses. The depths range from 12-14 feet. Most of the boats are trolling right now and being very productive. Hot spots include off of the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club and off of the 9 mile Tower. Other areas include the North and Middle Channels. Methods used here are trolling and drifting again along the drop off. Colors of crawler harnesses are not very specific right now, but chartruese and bright orange have been good.
Yellow perch have been productive off of the 400 club in about 14 feet of water. Lots of fish have come in. This past week end over 200 fish came from this area of the boats that I talked to. Methods used here are still fishing and drifting on calm days. Perch rigs with 1 inch minnows are the common tackle. Emerald shinners have been the best as of late. The hot spot has been appr. 2 mile out from the 400 club. Other areas to be fished are the 9 mile Tower and the south of the St. Clair light in 12-15 feet of water. Still fishing here is the best method. Same tackle as the 400 club area.
Smallmouth bass and largemouth have been very slow as of late, but most are still being caught south of the 9 mile tower and north of the coast guard station. Methods are drift jigging and casting spinners. Other areas include Big Muscamoot and the North and Middle channels. In the channels boats have been drifting with tube jigs and in the Bay there have been spinner baits and jigs tossed.
Muskie and northern pike still no reported catches on the American side. Too many weeds seems like, but some little guys are being caught down by the 9 mile tower.
Thanks for all the info and hope that everyone is catching what they want. That is why they call it Fishing! Thanks again, Cory
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