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Last Friday

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Well I had a client out and except for the first little Bass that hooked itself we caught all legal fish. A 2 pound Sheephead a 8 pound Sheephead and on a Red Eye I caught a 27 1/2 pound Carp and what a fight. Had a hit that almost cracked my Rib Cage with the rod handle. It put me on the floor of the boat. We had some really hard hits but no big hook ups except the Carp. They are fun to catch. Let it Go Let it Grow.. Bob
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hey Bob where were you fishing? I'm thinking of just heading up off metro next weekend and goin for some little stuff
Between Selfridge and the Salt River. That Carp was a lot of fun.
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Bob, the next time we go out we're going after carp. 27.5 lbs, woo-hoo! Flattened you in the boat, too. St Clair bonefish!! I sighted a big one last year near the flat south of Brandenburg and followed him around a bit trying to get him to take, but no luck. He just kept slowly swimming away from me and my casts, deliberately driving me batty. Bet he was 20#, easy.

Carp could be the new game fish of the decade. I'm serious. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to chase 20# plus fish that are strong, hard to catch, and plentiful? I was with a British fisherman last week from London on business and he told me that carp is the premier warmwater gamefish in England. We could start a club, call ourselves the St Clair Leather Lips.

All right, I'll shut up now. Enuff of my lunacy of the moment.
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Mike not at all. Carp are great they fight like salmon, Why people frown on carp is beyond me. I LOVE carp. Talk about a under-rated fish oh my. They are very smart no dought. Hard to catch casting, still fishing is the way to go with lots of chum. It takes patience to just wait for them but the battle is worth it. Lighter tackle for maximizing the fight. Beside's if you horse them the line breaks or the hook pulls out. Talk about sore arms look what he did to our buddy Bob. My son is really into carp and has caught many.

h2o<--says Carp is a challenge
QUOTE(h2o @ Apr 26 2004, 07:38 PM)Mike not at all. Carp are great they fight like salmon, Why people frown on carp is beyond me.
I think it's the lips...

Maybe you should keep that to yourself. There may be young people reading the site...
Dan I'm speechless. lol carp are good eaten. lol

h2o----sticks up for carp....
I used to go Carp fishing all the time when I was growing up. The Merrimack River in NH is loaded with them. We'd sit down on the river bank with corn and crawlers from dusk til about mid-night and whack'em like crazy. What a Blast on 12lb line !!
Hey, I grew up near downtown Flint. When I was a youngster (in my frame of reference, not MuskieBob's) all you could catch in the Flint River most of the time was bullheads and carp...

I caught a few metric tons of them...

I never did anything unnatural with them though!

(Maybe I misunderstood h20 and he just meant he loves to catch and ?eat them...)
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LOL Dan, I don't eat any fish, never have never will. I just catch and release them, excluding walleye because the person i'm with has to have them.

h2o<---was funnin on eating carp.
So if I go out next weekend (as im planning) what should I fish for and what sould I use? troll or drift?I think im gonna shoot across out by Metro between metro and selfridge, maybe a little on the middle channel and on the snye

What ya think?
Pike in the Sni is the way to go. By the way Carp is really good eating and comand a high price at the eating places in Europe. I saw somewhere someone said Carp where from the East (Asia}. They are from Europe they where called German Carp in the old days that is where they were imported from to my knowledge but then again what do i know? Bob
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what should i use on the Pike? I never really fish for pike so i dont know, should I troll edges and dropoffs ? or deep water?

Thanks man
This is one for H2o He will tell you #5 Mepps and they will wotk very well. I like silver and blue Cleos in the 2/3 ounce size better myself. Bob
muskiebobsr, were you there when they released the first carp in the US?

The Eurapeein's do a lot of things I don't ever plan on following, but I've admitted I've been known to catch a carp now and then (usually lately on a tube in a tournament where I've been fooled just long enough to get my hopes up....)
That event happened before me Dan. Here is a note like some of H2o's. Mac & Raes and Belle Mar are on the location of the old Blue Lagoon that was a Carp Farm. The whole area was used to raise Carp for the Stores and Eateries in this part of the Country. They really are good to eat when you get them in the early season or in deep cold water. Bob
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(Notice how East Coast is trying to get OUT of the picture?!!)
Notice the chest puffed out and the proud face on the other guy. lol

h2o<---is hiding
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For the life of me and my old bird dog, I don't see why people think carp are ugly. That's a nice fish with great color, well-muscled, etc. I'd be happy to have caught it. 'Course maybe that explains why I have so few fishing buddies ...
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