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late report but first post 6/24 what a day

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hey guys this is my first post sorry about the pic it was off my camera phone anyways it was the south shore line and a day i will never forget started off perching lake was like glass and bugs were horrible looked at my dad and said lets start trolling for muskie around 11:00 he said k well around noon we had our first hit and then another around 1ish and then it hapened the double header i will never forget a board rod on a bucktail 1oz 75' back started ripping and i grabbed it and then the port side board rod on a bait my buddy makes 2oz 30' back started ripping line and my dad grabbed it well his fish darted at the boat and my dad cranked away and then she surfaced and what a fish it was but here was the problem i had my stepson who is 7 and a rookie muskie fisherman anyways to make a long story short the rookie knocked her off and my dad grabbed the net and got mine in the boat and of coarse we couldnt find the scale but i got a quick measurement cause i wanted to get her back in the water and she was 51.5" and a fatty at that but the big one got away and im not exaggerating my dads had to be a 54-55" but at least we seen her and we were not in a tournament lol oh yeah we went 7/11 what a day oh yeah nice site

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u should have seen the one my father had on longer and fatter
QUOTE(jquintano78 @ Jun 29 2009, 12:28 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>u should have seen the one my father had on longer and fatter

Did you learn how to fish from Lamphere? Tell Matt I said hi lol. I see your arms haven't gotten any smaller.
whats your last name
QUOTE(jquintano78 @ Jun 29 2009, 04:46 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>whats your last name

John Robinson, I graduated with Matt.
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